My Favorite Teaching Blog Posts of 2018 for Middle School and High School English

My Favorite Teaching Blog Posts of 2018 for Middle School and High School English

The end of the calendar year is a time to reflect and a time to grow. As I look back at 2018, I’m thinking about my best teaching practices and how I can improve for 2019. In the past couple of days, I’ve shared my favorite books of 2018 and my favorite new teaching resources of 2018. Today, I am sharing my favorite blog posts of 2018.

Writing a Class Collaborative Precis

In this blog post, I discuss how I organized a whole-class collaborative writing assignment. I used the collaborative precis as an example assignment before moving on to individual writing assignments.

Get Students Moving in the Classroom

We all need breaks every once-in-a-while. Here are eight ways that you can help your students in the classroom by getting them moving!

Assigning a One-Pager as a Culminating Project

The one-pager is a great way to assess student learning. In this blog post, I explain how I used this assignment as a culminating project for a novel, and I also offer you a free Google Doc assignment. You’ll need to sign up for my email list using the form embedded in the post.

6 Reasons to Assign Essay Revisions

I love providing my students with the opportunity to revise their essays. If you aren’t convinced, here are six reasons why you should give essay revisions a try in the new year!

25 Ways to Practice Self-Care and Avoid Teacher Burnout

Practicing self-care is so important for teachers. Here are 25 different ways that teachers can focus on self-care in the new year.

Collaborative Short Story Review Poster Project

This is one of my favorite projects! At the end of my short story unit, my students complete this collaborative short story review poster project as a way to review the stories we’ve read and all of the literary terms we learn in the classroom.

My Favorite Speeches for Rhetorical Analysis

Teaching rhetorical analysis is my favorite! Here is a list of my favorite speeches to analyze in the classroom.

Nine Growth Mindset Novels to Recommend to Your Students

One way to help students focus on improving their mindset is by suggesting books that embody a growth mindset message. Here’s a list of nine books to recommend to your students that focus on growth mindset.

5 Reasons to Plan Student Work Days

Teaching does not have to be a hands-on profession every single day of the school year. I am a firm believer in providing students with the opportunity to get work done in the classroom. Here are five reasons why you should plan student work days in 2019!

Ten Books to Recommend to Your Students

If I had one wish (relating to teaching) for the new year, it would be to help all of my students find a genuine love of reading. Here’s a list of ten different books you can recommend to your students in the new year.

My Favorite Teaching Blog Posts of 2018 for Middle School and High School English



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