My Favorite Teacher Supplies

My Favorite Teacher Supplies

I’m always on the lookout for new teacher supplies. Here is a list of items that I love using in my classroom. You can also check out some of my other favorites, including my favorite teaching materials I’ve created, and blog posts I wrote.

In the spirit of the New Year, here’s a countdown of my favorite teaching supplies of 2018! This post contains affiliate links. While the links do not directly impact you, I may receive a small kickback for sharing these resources and links with you.

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10. Glass magnets for the whiteboard

I absolutely love these magnets. They are super cute, colorful, and useful. I keep some of these in my desk and near my whiteboard so that I can easily affix papers (mainly, papers that students leave behind) onto my whiteboard.

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9. Teacher Created Resources Management Binder Clips

These binder clips help keep me organized. Seriously, I have several sets of these for the various class periods that I teach.

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8. 3-Tier Utility Cart

A little bit of organization and extra space is always a good thing, especially in the classroom. I love this utility cart because I can use it for my own supplies or for student supplies.

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7. Mini Succulent Pots

These adorable little mini succulent pots don’t really serve a purpose other than making me smile. They are adorable, and they add a little color to my classroom. I have some on my teacher desk and placed sporadically throughout my classroom library.

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6. Fadeless Wood Paper

This paper helps transform my much-too-peachy classroom into a room that I love spending time in. The wood look of this paper softens my classroom and provides a great classroom backdrop.

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5. Redi-Tag Sticky Note Dividers

As a high school English teacher, these dividers are amazing. As I read a novel ahead of my students, I use these divider tabs to label and annotate my novels.

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4. Flair Pens

Hands-down, these are my favorite pens to use when I write in my teacher planner. I like to get a fresh pack every semester because I use them so much!

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3. Neon Labels

This school year I organized my classroom library by genre. I wanted a super easy and student-friendly way to label my books, and these neon labels were perfect! They even come with a downloadable template!

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2. Magnetic Border Strips

These magnetic border strips are game changers! I can easily reconfigure my whiteboard without the sticky mess of tape! There are a bunch of different designs available, but I love these ones because they match my border.

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1. Prism Window Cling

This school year I added these prism window clings to my classroom windows to try to reduce outside distractions. These window clings were super easy to put up (just soapy water and a squeegee) and they add color to my classroom.

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My Favorite Teacher Supplies



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