How to Save Money on Quality Teaching Resources


One thing I love
is scoring a great deal! When my husband and I moved into our first house, I
was able to purchase the Dyson Animal vacuum for mere dollars out of pocket by
shopping a sale and using Best Buy gift cards that DirecTV gave us for setting
up service.

Teachers love
scoring great deals too.
And in honor of Teacher’s Appreciation Day, I am going
to let you in on three little (maybe not so secret) ways to save money on
quality teaching resources.

If you haven’t
visited Teachers Pay Teacher yet, you should definitely bookmark this site. You
will be able to find quality, engaging teacher-created resources that are far
better than resources regurgitated by big textbook publishing companies.

Here are three
tried and true ways to save money and get great teaching resources that will
help you win at teaching.

1. Follow Sellers

Follow sellers
you like on multiple sites. On TpT, you will see a green star that is
clickable. Click that green star to follow that teacher. Many times sellers
send out sale notices. Some even provide new listings for 50% off for up to the
first 48 hours it is listed! Following your favorite teachers’ stores will
allow you to receive all of their upcoming sale and new product information.
However, it doesn’t stop there. Many sellers are on Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, and more. If you find a seller you love, be sure to follow them on
as many sites as you can. That way you never miss a sale, giveaway, or promotion.Screen2BShot2B2015 05 042Bat2B2.13.582BPM

Screen2BShot2B2015 05 042Bat2B2.14.202BPM

2. Buy in Bundles

So many sellers sell their best-selling or related
teaching resources in bundles. Yes, you may fork out a little extra cash
upfront, but the savings is worth it. Not only will you get quality resources
that you can use in one unit, or even for the entire year, you will also spend
less on a bundle than you would if you purchased each product individually.
Usually, most sellers discount the items in their bundles by at least 20%.

Here is a listing of all of my current bundles:

My Money-Saving Bundles

Screen2BShot2B2015 05 042Bat2B2.13.442BPM

3. Provide Feedback

Did you know that you could earn TpT credit by providing
feedback for purchased resources? It’s true! Providing feedback earns you TpT
credit that you can apply toward future purchases. According to the TpT
website, the program is retroactive all the way back to August 1, 2011! If you
haven’t left feedback on your purchases, do so now! You could earn several
dollars worth of credit!

To leave feedback, go to “My Purchases” from the My TpT menu:

Screen2BShot2B2015 05 042Bat2B2.03.472BPM

Then, select “Paid Purchases.”

Screen2BShot2B2015 05 042Bat2B2.04.012BPM

From there, click on the resource. Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the feedback form. Scoring a resource with an A provides a 4.0 rating.

Screen2BShot2B2015 05 042Bat2B2.04.212BPM

You can check your TpT credit balance by selecting “TpT Credit Balance” from the “My TpT” menu.

Screen2BShot2B2015 05 042Bat2B2.02.432BPM

From there, you can look up the credit you’ve earned and the credits you’ve used.

Screen2BShot2B2015 05 042Bat2B2.03.172BPM

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