101 Argument Essay Prompts for High School

101 Argumentative Essay Topics

Teaching argument writing can be very exciting, especially if you have great argument essay prompts for your students to choose from. It provides students with an opportunity to explore interesting topics. I give my students choices when I am teaching argument writing in my classroom. Students who select their argument essay prompts are more engaged with and connected to their writing.

When assigning a hot topic or controversial issue argumentative essay, I always let students select a topic. That way, they are more passionate about their writing. However, I also make it clear that their topic cannot be discriminatory or hateful in any way and that they must fund valid and credible evidence to back up their claims. When I do this in the classroom, I also like to make sure that only one student per class has the same topic.

If you are planning an argument or controversial issue essay assignment, here is a list of potential topics you can include in your classroom. If you need teaching materials, this argument writing teaching unit will help you walk your students through the process.

Here are 101 Argument Essay Prompts:

Argument Essay Topics Teens Love

  1. Should teenagers be allowed to vote in elections?
  2. Is social media a positive or negative influence on teenagers’ mental health and well-being?
  3. Should schools have a dress code that is gender-neutral?
  4. Should teenage drivers be subject to stricter regulations, such as curfews and passenger limits, to reduce accidents and fatalities?
  5. Is it ethical for teenagers to participate in protests and other forms of civil disobedience?
  6. Should teenagers have access to birth control and sexual health services?
  7. Should schools provide more opportunities for creative expression and the arts, or is the focus on STEM subjects more important for future success?
  8. Should teenagers have their own credit card to establish credit history?
  9. Should teenagers be allowed to work part-time jobs while in school?
  10. How important is academic honesty for future success?

Argument Essay Prompts About Technology

  1. Should social media platforms be held accountable for the spread of fake news?
  2. Are video games a harmful or beneficial form of entertainment for young people?
  3. Should schools replace textbooks with tablets and laptops?
  4. Is technology making us more or less productive in the workplace?
  5. Should there be stricter regulations on the collection and use of personal data by tech companies?
  6. Is artificial intelligence a threat to human jobs and job security?
  7. Should there be limitations on using facial recognition technology by law enforcement agencies?
  8. Has the internet made us more connected or more isolated from each other?
  9. Should governments invest more in renewable energy technologies?
  10. Is technology creating a more unequal society by widening the gap between the rich and the poor?

Argument Essay Topics about the Environment

  1. Should governments impose stricter regulations on corporations to reduce their carbon footprint?
  2. Should government agencies regulate residential thermostats?
  3. Should plastic bags be banned to reduce pollution and protect wildlife?
  4. Is fracking a viable method of energy production, or does it pose significant risks to the environment and public health?
  5. Should individuals be encouraged to adopt a plant-based diet to reduce the carbon emissions caused by the meat industry?
  6. Should the use of pesticides be restricted to protect pollinators and other wildlife?
  7. Is nuclear energy a viable solution to the world’s energy needs, or does it pose too significant an environmental risk?
  8. Should governments invest more in renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar power?
  9. Should individuals and companies be required to pay a carbon tax to encourage them to reduce their carbon emissions?
  10. Is deforestation a significant contributor to climate change?

Argument Essay Prompts about Entrepreneurship

  1. Is entrepreneurship a viable path to economic success for individuals and communities?
  2. Should governments provide more support and incentives for small businesses and startups?
  3. Is social entrepreneurship a more effective way to address social and environmental challenges than traditional methods?
  4. Should entrepreneurs be required to consider the environmental impact of their business operations?
  5. Is it better for entrepreneurs to focus on creating a new product or service, or to improve upon an existing one?
  6. Should entrepreneurs be required to have a certain level of education or experience before starting a business?
  7. Is it ethical for entrepreneurs to use investor funding to support a luxurious lifestyle instead of reinvesting in their business?
  8. Should entrepreneurs be held accountable for the social and environmental impacts of their products or services?
  9. Should entrepreneurs be allowed to patent ideas and concepts, or should all innovations be open for public use?
  10. Is the current system of venture capital funding fair and equitable for all entrepreneurs?

Teaching Argument Essay: Instructional Unit

Argument Essay Teaching Unit
This argument essay teaching unit includes everything you need. It has instructional slides, student materials, and more!

Help your students master the art of argumentative writing with this argument writing teaching unit!

I created this argumentative essay writing teaching unit with secondary ELA students in mind, and it includes step-by-step and engaging writing instructional materials. This argument essay writing unit includes everything you need for a complete argumentative writing instructional unit, including the print & digital materials.

This essay writing instructional unit includes an editable instructional presentation for direct instruction and student resources to help you and your students work through an argument essay.

With a focus on argument writing and informational text, this unit fuses together key ELA standards as it covers the differences between persuasive and argumentative writing. Thus unit also teaches purpose, audience, tone, diction, and the rhetorical triangle.

Argument Essay Topics about Animals

  1. Should animals be used for scientific research, or are there alternative methods that can be used?
  2. Should exotic animals be kept as pets?
  3. Is hunting a legitimate way to control animal populations and manage ecosystems?
  4. Should animal agriculture be banned or significantly reduced to address concerns about animal welfare, environmental impact, and public health?
  5. Should circuses and other entertainment venues that feature animal acts be banned to prevent animal abuse and exploitation?
  6. Is it ethical to use animals for entertainment purposes such as horse racing, dog shows, or bullfighting?
  7. Should animals have legal rights and be granted personhood, or is that concept reserved only for humans?
  8. Should zoos and aquariums be banned or improved to better serve the welfare and conservation of the animals they hold?
  9. Should invasive species be removed from ecosystems?
  10. Is animal testing justified in developing cosmetic and personal care products?

Argument Essay Prompts about Sports

  1. Should college athletes be paid for their participation in sports?
  2. Should high school athletes be excused from certain class assignments?
  3. Should high school sports be required to prioritize safety over competition, especially in contact sports like football and hockey?
  4. Is esports a legitimate form of competition?
  5. Should performance-enhancing drugs be legalized in professional sports?
  6. Should women’s sports receive the same funding and support as men’s sports?
  7. Should athletes be allowed to protest social and political issues during games, or should sports be kept separate from politics?
  8. Should athletes be held to higher standards of conduct and behavior, given their public profile and influence on young people?
  9. Is it ethical for cities to use taxpayer money to fund sports stadiums and arenas?
  10. Should high schools drop athletics and solely focus on academics?

Argument Essay Topics about School

  1. Should schools require students to wear uniforms?
  2. Is standardized testing an effective way to measure student achievement?
  3. Should schools offer more vocational training programs to prepare students for the workforce?
  4. Should schools ban cell phones and other electronic devices?
  5. Should schools offer more extracurricular activities and sports programs?
  6. Is it essential for schools to provide sex education to students?
  7. Should schools be required to offer courses on financial literacy and personal finance management?
  8. Should schools offer more mental health resources and support to students?
  9. Should schools offer more diversity and inclusion training for staff and students?
  10. Should private schools receive tax-payer funding?

Argument Essay Prompts about Teens and Politics

  1. Should the voting age be lowered to 16 to allow teenagers to have a say in political decisions?
  2. Is it important for teenagers to be politically engaged and active?
  3. Should schools offer more civic education and government classes to prepare teenagers for their roles as future voters and leaders?
  4. Should teenagers be allowed to run for political office?
  5. Should political parties and candidates specifically target and appeal to teenage voters?
  6. Should teenagers be allowed to participate in political protests and rallies?
  7. Is it essential for teenagers to be knowledgeable about political issues and current events?
  8. Should teenagers be allowed to donate to political campaigns?
  9. Should schools be required to remain politically neutral and avoid any bias or preference towards certain parties or candidates?
  10. Should teenagers be encouraged to pursue careers in politics and public service?

Argument Essay Topics about Vehicles

  1. Should governments promote and subsidize electric cars to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability?
  2. Should autonomous cars be allowed on public roads?
  3. Should car manufacturers be held responsible for the environmental impact of their products?
  4. Should speed limits be increased on highways and freeways?
  5. Should car ownership be discouraged in favor of public transportation and ride-sharing services?
  6. Should car insurance be mandatory for all drivers?
  7. Should older cars be banned from the road due to higher emissions and safety risks?
  8. Should governments invest more in developing and promoting alternative fuels and energy sources for cars?
  9. Should car manufacturers be required to disclose all safety and performance data about their products?
  10. Should car-sharing services like Zipcar and Car2Go be encouraged and subsidized by governments?

Argument Essay Prompts about Space and Space Exploration

  1. Is space exploration worth the cost?
  2. Should governments fund space exploration and research?
  3. Is it ethical to mine resources and exploit the commercial potential of other planets?
  4. Should humans establish permanent settlements on other planets?
  5. Should space agencies prioritize manned missions to Mars?
  6. Is space exploration a necessary pursuit for scientific advancement and discovery?
  7. Should international cooperation be a priority in space exploration?
  8. Should space tourism be encouraged and expanded?
  9. Should space debris and junk be regulated and monitored more closely?
  10. Is space exploration an inherently human endeavor, or should we prioritize the development of AI and robotics to take on the challenges of space exploration and colonization

And lastly, here is my all-time favorite argument essay topic that I use to teach argument writing. I use this topic for all of my instruction, for all of my examples, and for modeling the process to students: who makes the best fast-food cheeseburger?

Need argument essay instructional materials?

My argument writing teaching unit has everything you need to teach your students all about argument writing! You can pair this unit with any of the argument essay prompts on this page, and you will be teaching argument writing in no time!

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