10 Digital Resources to Use with Your ELA Students

10 Digital Resources to Use with Your ELA Students

With distance learning in full swing, here’s a closer look at ten resources that English teachers can digitally assign their students. All of my SMARTePlans digital resources run on the Google platform and can be posted electronically on secured learning management platforms like Google Classroom and Canvas. With any SMARTePlans resource, students can access the files via the Google Suite and type directly in the file!

5 Digital Resources for Middle School ELA

SMARTePlans Digital Parts of Speech Unit

This digital parts of speech unit is optimized for digital learning. Utilizing Google Docs, Forms, and Slides, this unit includes direct instruction, practice, and assessments!


SMARTePlans Greek Mythology Digital Notebook

Engage students in Greek mythology with this digital Greek mythology notebook. Students will learn about various Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Digital Greek Mythology Notebook for Middle School ELA

SMARTePlans Digital Grammar Task Cards

These digital grammar task cards are perfect for remote learning grammar practice! This bundle includes three sets of digital grammar task cards: parts of speech, pronouns, and coordinating conjunctions. Each set of digital task cards also comes with a digital recording sheet. 

Digital Grammar Task Cards for Middle School ELA

SMARTePlans Digital Writing Bundle

This digital writing bundle covers the three strands of CCSS writing (argument, informational, and narrative). It provides students with the structure and scaffolding they need (including guided graphic organizers) to help them improve their writing skills during remote learning.

Digital Teaching Writing Units for Middle School ELA

SMARTePlans Descriptive Writing Unit

This digital descriptive writing unit is designed to help your students grow as writers. With focused activities that center on descriptive words, strong verbs, and sensory details, these digital writing exercises will give students the confidence to write more descriptively. 

Digital Descriptive Writing Unit for Middle School ELA

5 Digital Resources for High School English

SMARTePlans Future Career Research Paper

It is so important to provide students with meaningful and engaging activities right now. This digital future career research paper provides students with interactive research organizers that guide them through the research process of exploring a future career.

Digital Future Career Research Paper for High School English


SMARTePlans Controversial Issue Argumentative Essay

Students love researching and learning more about high-interest topics. This digital controversial issue argument essay resource includes all of the digital brainstorming graphic organizers to help students as they work toward developing an argument. 

Digital Controversial Issue Argument Essay for High School Englsih

SMARTePlans Digital Analysis Task Cards

These digital analysis task cards work with any text of your choice, whether it be fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. Using these digital literary analysis task cards, digital rhetorical analysis task cards, and digital poetry analysis task cards, your students will be thinking critically and engaging in high-level analysis.

Digital Literary Analysis, Rhetorical Analysis, and Poetry Analysis Task Cards for High School English

SMARTePlans Digital Socratic Seminar

Engage your students in a digital Socratic Seminar using video conferencing apps and this digital Socratic Seminar resource. This digital Socratic Seminar unit works with any text and includes digitally-based resources for students to create questions and reflect on the discussion. 

Digital Socratic Seminar for Any Fictional Text for High School English

SMARTePlans Digital Short Story Close Reading Activities

This digital close read bundle includes many short stories. Each short story resource includes a link to the story, carefully selected passages for close reading, and a short paragraph response. 

Digital Short Story Close Read for High School English



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