5 Tips for Teaching Thesis Statement Writing: Teaching How to Write a Thesis Statement

Teaching Thesis Statement Writing in Secondary ELA

Since the thesis statement is such a crucial part of any academic paper or essay, I make sure I spend some time on each essay teaching thesis statement writing to my students. When my students complete a formal essay in class, I make it a point to go through the entire writing process with them. Once students have brainstormed and selected the main ideas for their essays, it is time to write the thesis statement.

When I teach my high school English students about the thesis statement, I tell them that it is a roadmap or framework sentence that encapsulates the entire main argument or claim of the essay. I have my students write their thesis statement at the end of their introduction, and I like to have them keep it to one sentence.

For middle school and high school students, writing a thesis statement can be a challenging task. Here are some steps that I walk my students through to help them craft a strong thesis statement.

5 Tips for Teaching Thesis Statement Writing

1. Identify topics, supporting arguments, and main reasons.

I have my students outline their essays by identifying the main topic, supporting arguments, or main reasons. These ideas will be the basis for their thesis statement. When it comes to teaching how to write the thesis statement, it helps if students can identify the main elements of the essay first.

2. Brainstorm more ideas Teaching thesis statement writing. How to teach students to write a thesis statement.

Next, I have my students brainstorm ideas related to their main topics. This step helps them determine if they have enough reasons to include in an entire body paragraph. By brainstorming more ideas, students also get a stronger viewpoint of their essays.

3. Narrow the essay focus

Once my students have a list of ideas, I have them begin narrowing down their focus. They look for common themes or patterns they might find from their brainstormed ideas, and then I have them use them to develop a single, clear, concise thesis statement.

4. Thesis statements should be specific Teaching Thesis Statement Writing in Secondary ELA

As students develop their thesis statement, I have them check to make sure it is specific and focused. I instruct my students to avoid vague or general statements and try to make their thesis statement as specific and concrete as possible.

5. Make it clear and concise

Finally, I have my students revise and edit their thesis statements to ensure they are clear and concise. I like to remind my students that I should be able to read their thesis statement and know exactly what their entire essay will be about.

By teaching students these five steps, they can write a strong and effective thesis statement. If you are looking for additional help teaching students how to write a thesis statement, I like to use this Thesis Statement and Introduction Teaching Unit in my classroom with my students.

Thesis Statement and Essay Introduction – Essay Writing Unit – PRINT & DIGITAL Thesis Statement Writing Instructional Unit

Help your students master the art of writing an introductory paragraph and thesis statement with this print and digital essay writing unit focusing on the introduction. This lesson will help your students improve their essay writing skills and write a well-developed and complete thesis statement and introduction paragraph for their multi-paragraph essay.

This essay writing teaching resource includes everything you need for instruction, including an editable presentation for direct instruction, practice work, and student handouts to help guide them through the thesis statement writing process.

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What a great resource! Students really need this reinforcement on thesis statements when they are writing. I often found myself struggling teaching writing because, as a natural writer, it came easy to me. I, then, found it a challenge to teach. This resource was a huge help and made teaching thesis statements a breeze.”

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This seems to be such a challenging task for younger students, so I love that this product has a variety of ways and situations to conceptualize and implement the principles of thesis statements. The more ways they can see examples, the better! This is a very organized, systematic approach that helped me keep my focus while guiding students through this process. Thanks!”

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I always find teaching the Thesis to be much more complicated for my 7th & 8th graders than it should be. Not anymore! This resource was so helpful and laid the aspects of a thesis out in such a clear and concise manner that my students were able to wrap their heads around it much sooner. They definitely had stronger thesis statements & I felt like I didn’t have to work quite as hard to make it happen. Thanks!”



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