Teaching High School English in the Second Quarter


Teaching in the second quarter and toward the end of the first semester can be a bit tough. The novelty of the new school year has worn off, October is long, and winter break is just a bit too far away still. However, there are quite a few positives that the second quarter of the school year brings. For one, your students know all of your classroom routines, and your body has completely adjusted to school time.

Here’s a look at ten classroom lessons and activities that I like to teach and include in my classroom in the second quarter of the school year.

Teaching High School English in the Second Quarter

Argument Writing – Students love a good argument essay prompt, and this unit includes all of the materials that you’ll need to teach your students about argumentative essay writing. It includes student writing resources and an editable PowerPoint presentation for direct instruction.

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Writing in the Third Person – If you are anything like me right about now, you’ve assigned your students their first essay and quickly realized that they need some practice writing in the third person. This mini-unit will give you and your students all the tools they’ll need to be able to switch from the first-person to third-person.

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Sentence Structure – Now that we are well into the school year, it’s time to start looking into the specifics of grammar and writing. This unit includes student worksheets and an editable PowerPoint presentation for direct instruction. 

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Peer Editing Stations – If you haven’t assigned your first essay yet, chances are that you are about to. My Peer Editing Stations and Rotations activity takes about one 60-minute class period and is the perfect way to provide some structure to student editing.

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Rhetorical Analysis – One of my all-time favorite things to teach, this rhetorical analysis unit covers enough content and is comprehensive enough for AP Language! 


Logical Fallacies – Even though logical fallacies are tough for students, they love learning about them, identifying them from examples, and analyzing television commercials for them. This logical fallacies teaching unit includes student materials and an editable PowerPoint presentation for direct instruction. 

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Speak Sticky Note Analysis – Toward the end of the first semester, I like to engage my students in a novel that they love. Speak is just the ticket. These sticky note analysis organizers help students dive deeper into the novel.

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Parts of Speech Escape Room – During the second quarter, students need a little bit of fun and excitement. This Parts of Speech Escape Room activity is fun. Students rotate through multiple tasks as they unlock the secret code. You do not need a lockbox for this activity either!

Research Paper Writing – Whether you assign your big research paper at the end of the first semester or during the second semester, this research paper writing activity includes the scaffolding and differentiation your students will need to work their way through the research paper writing process. 

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Thanksgiving Themed Grammar Worksheets – These grammar worksheets are perfect for some quick and easy review. Plus, they are perfect for when you need to call in a last-minute substitute in November!

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Teaching High School English in the Second Quarter



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