Secondary ELA Curriculum and Pacing Guide

Secondary ELA Curriculum and Pacing Guide

One of the best planning tools a middle school ELA or high school English teacher can have is a detailed, unit-by-unit secondary ELA pacing guide and curriculum map. For both new and veteran teachers alike, having a pacing guide helps to provide the initial framework and structure for the lessons and activities within a set year.

I remember my very first year teaching. One of the classes I was assigned was a freshman support English class. For struggling students, this was their second English class in their schedule, but it didn’t count as a high school English class -it was an elective they had to take.

I had no curriculum, no planning team, no help, and I was even told NOT to use the textbook or read the standard text because the other freshman English teachers might use some of that content. It was a struggle.

Had I had something like this free Secondary ELA Curriculum Map and Pacing Guide (available in both a traditional print and digital format), I would have had more guidance and support in planning my class. The pacing guide is the perfect outline for my Secondary ELA Curriculum.

Let’s take a look at this secondary ELA curriculum pacing guide.

I organized this secondary ELA curriculum into a series of related units. Each central unit includes a major reading standard, either reading literature or reading informational text, and a significant writing standard. One of the reasons why I like to pair together both a reading standard and a writing standard is so that students can see how the pinnacle elements of the ELA curriculum -reading and writing- work together.

In addition to creating the major units with a reading and writing component, I also infuse elements of vocabulary and grammar into the daily activities so that these lessons do not seem overwhelming or too invasive.

Because I’ve worked in a school district with free-range in teaching novels, and because I’ve also worked in a school district with a set group of grade-level novels that must be taught, I added flexibility to this curriculum map in areas for novel studies.

To end the school year, I also focus on adding in a research-based assignment that pulls together many of the skills students have worked on all school year.

Significant Units of Study Included in the Secondary ELA Curriculum

  • Narrative Writing
  • Informational Writing
  • Argument Writing
  • Research Paper Writing
  • Parts of Speech
  • Punctuation
  • Short Stories
  • A General Novel Unit Study
  • Academic Vocabulary
  • And More!

Secondary ELA Curriculum Frequently Asked Questions

How can this curriculum work for grades 7-10?
Because the common core ELA standards spiral up in complexity as students move from one grade to the next, the teaching resources in this curriculum hit the standards within those grade ranges. Therefore, when I create my resources, I consistently overplan, including more slides and practice sheets than necessary to give the teacher more options about which content to present and which pages to assign.

Can I use this curriculum simultaneously with multiple grades?
Yes! It would be pretty difficult for a teacher to get through every single resource, every single instructional slide, and every single activity and assignment in this curriculum. And since the ELA standards for the grade levels are similar and spiral up, teachers can use the contents of this curriculum with multiple grade levels simultaneously.

Why aren’t there any novel units included?
Because some schools have set novel units mandated as part of their curriculum, I didn’t want to box teachers to a set novel. So instead, the included pacing guide provides teachers with time to include novel units of their choice.

Are materials in the secondary ELA Curriculum editable?
Yes! Some of the resources are editable. For example, for any resource that comes as a zipped file with a PDF file and an instructional PowerPoint slide for direct instruction, the instructional slide is editable. Furthermore, any resource that carries the SMARTePlans label at the top of the cover is also editable. If you are looking for fully digitized ELA resources, I recommend either the digital secondary ELA curriculum or the Print + Digital ELA Curriculum bundle.

Real Classroom Teacher Reviews

“This resource includes everything needed for a year of instruction! It’s very easy to differentiate the materials. I have used it with 7th and 8th grade ELA classes and love the flexibility and vast amount of resources.”

“This really is an entire comprehensive bundle. I appreciate the break down of the given lessons and suggestions on when to cover what topics. The handouts and worksheets are clear and concise. I am currently using this with my 8th grader and things are moving smoothly compared to a previously purchased lesson! Thank you so much.”

“This product is absolutely amazing! As a first year teacher, this bundle helped me guide my classroom in the right direction from the beginning. I used the pacing guide and it helped tremendously. All of the activities were engaging and fun for my 7th grade students. They were easy to understand and execute. I highly recommend this product”

“I was hired as a first-year teacher two weeks before school started–this resource is a “life-saver”! I use multiple activities on multiple grade-levels. Some of the best money I’ve ever spent on teaching materials.”

More information about the Secondary ELA Pacing Guide.

Secondary ELA Curriculum and Pacing Guide

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