Online Resources for Remote Learning in the Secondary ELA Classroom

Online Resources for Remote Learning in the Secondary ELA Classroom

With so many schools shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, educators around the world are scrambling to turn their warm, cheerful classrooms into effective digital classrooms as they attempt to master remote teaching.

One thing’s for sure: It isn’t easy. That is why I recommend sticking with platforms you or your students already know.

In addition to creating interactive Google-based assignments for my students, I will also be relying on educational websites. For teachers who taught in 1:1 classrooms, used Google Classroom regularly, and tried out new tech often, the switch isn’t as cumbersome. For teachers who haven’t implemented tech or who teach in areas where students don’t have access, it is an entirely different story. I cannot emphasize the importance of being flexible, compassionate, and understanding at this time. 

Here’s a list of educational websites I use in my classroom that will help with teaching remotely.

Please note, this is not a sponsored post, and these sites did not pay to be featured here. These are educational resources that I know and use in the classroom.

Remote Teaching

I’m using Zoom to host virtual classes with my students. Multiple students can join, and I can mute all of my students and monitor what I display on the screen. I can share my screen with my students, as well. I plan on using Zoom to share my screen with students as we still hold Kahoots, Quizlet Lives, and Vocabulary Jams! It is a great way to keep the classroom community going!

Google Classroom
I’ve used Google Classroom for years, and I find the platform pretty intuitive for new users. I am using Google Classroom to push out all of my student materials during this time. I post informational content using the “material” option and assignments using the “assignment” option. I am also using the “question” feature to post a question of the week. On my question of the week, students can share their answers and reply to other students.

Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts is great for individual student conferencing or small group chats. Plus, if your school is already a GAFE school, it will be easy for students to log in.

I love using Padlet to host digital gallery walks when my students create projects that are digitally based. Students can post and create projects using this platform. I plan on using the timeline feature of Padlet when we start reading our 4th quarter novel.

Online Resources for Remote Learning in the Secondary ELA Classroom

Comprehension and Analysis Skills
This site is fantastic. has so many different options. You can search by standard, genre, theme, grade level, and more. It seems like the possibilities are endless.

NewsELA is another fantastic source for students to read information about current events and answer content-based questions. Personally, I prefer the rigor and standards-based questions of CommonLit over NewsELA; however, NewsELA provides more content on timely current events.

Right now, is offering it’s Premium version for free to affected schools. To gain access to the premium content, you complete a form. I usually use Listenwise once per unit and have my students listen to an article related to our unit of study.

Writing and Grammar

is a relatively new online website that provides online writing instruction and assignments for students. During the COVID-19 pandemic, EssayPop made the premium hive feature free to all users so that students can offer feedback on writing. With EssayPop, teachers can choose from the preloaded assignments and content, or they can create their own.

NoRedInk.comI use the free version of regularly in my classrooms by assigning one grammar topic per month. During the pandemic, No Red Ink has opened up some of their premium content to help teachers deliver instruction during this time.

is another site that I regularly use in my classroom. While I do have access to the premium version, student accounts are free to all students. I usually assign my students one list per week. I also like how I can check their list completion, mastery, and host interactive Vocabulary Jams!

By any means, this is not a comprehensive list of resources, but these are some of the resources that I use and love.



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