My Favorite Teacher Pens

My Favorite Teacher Pens

There is no secret about it: teachers love pens. Colorful pens, felt-tip pens, ink pens, erasable pens, and the list just goes on and on! Here’s a look at my favorite pens to use for teaching. Please note: This post uses affiliate links to help me cover the operational costs of the blog.

All-Around Favorite Teacher Pen

Hands down, my favorite pen is the Papermate Flair pen! It is absolutely perfect for writing in my teacher planner. In addition to using flair pens for my planners, I also use them to create sketch note examples, to take notes during meetings and professional development seminars, and for quick grading. I love the variety of rich, vibrant colors.

Favorite Pens for Grading Essays

While the Flair pen is my all-around favorite pen, my go-to pen for grading essays is the Papermate Inkjoy Gel pen. When I grade essays, I like to write on the rubrics. I provide students with lots of comments, and I need a smooth writing pen. The Inkjoy is perfect for grading essays. I also try to make sure that I have some extra purple pens for grading essays as well.

If I don’t have any InkJoys available, another top contender for grading essays is the Pilot EnerGel pen. Like the InkJoy, this pen also writes smoothly, but it has more of a medium point, and it writes a bit thicker.

Favorite Erasable Gel Pens

Erasable gel pens? What! Yes. These erasable Pilot Frixion pens are amazing, especially for erasing those little mistakes. (Yes, I was that kid in high school who would rewrite all of her notes if I made one small error). I like that there is a variety of colors to choose from, and there are even fine line erasable gel pens as well.

Favorite Pens for Classroom Supplies

Not a day goes by when I don’t lend out a pen or pencil in the classroom. That is why I love these Bic ballpoint pens, in bulk, to keep in my classroom. They are affordable and plentiful.

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My Favorite Teacher Pens




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