Growth Mindset Writing Prompts for Students

One way to help students get to know their new class is by assigning growth mindset writing prompts. A big component of fostering a growth mindset in the classroom is regularly discussing grit and determination, learning from mistakes, and pushing through challenges. These five growth mindset journal topics or writing prompts will help you get to know your students at the start of a new school year.

Free growth mindset writing prompts for students

In addition to the Growth Mindset Bell Ringers and Growth Mindset Activities that I use in my classroom, I will also have students develop a growth mindset through freewriting and journaling. If you are looking for more growth mindset activities, check out the activities and resources at the end of this post. I also offer Google-based versions of these digital growth mindset bell ringers.

Growth Mindset Writing Prompts for the Classroom. Middle school growth mindset activities.

  1. Do you believe that you have a fixed or growth mindset? Explain.
  2. Write about one of the biggest mistakes you’ve ever made. What important lessons did you learn from that mistake? How did making that mistake help improve who you are today?
  3. Write about a time when you accomplished something that you didn’t think you could. What did you learn from the experience?
  4. Write about one of your long-term goals in life. What is the goal and what are you doing each day to make sure you accomplish that goal?
  5. Many times we doubt ourselves and don’t believe in ourselves. Why do you think this is so? What can you do to believe in yourself?

How to Incorporate a Growth Mindset in Your Classroom

Establishing a growth mindset in your classroom can help your students tremendously. After focusing on fostering a growth mindset in my own classroom, I’ve seen a lot of improvement with my struggling students who sometimes get overlooked.Middle school growth mindset activities.

To create a growth mindset in my own classroom, I’ve done a few things. First, I start each week with a growth mindset bell-ringer. These bell-ringers are a great way to begin the week on a positive note. Each bell-ringer includes an inspirational quote about success, hard work, failure, or determination, and a brief writing prompt.

In addition to my Growth Mindset Bell Ringers, I also like to incorporate various growth mindset activities and resources into my secondary English classroom. First, I like to have students take a growth mindset quiz. This quiz allows students to assess themselves to determine where their mindset it. This allows students to be more open to changing their mindset.

Then, I incorporate resources such as growth mindset oriented exit slips and assignment reflections into my weekly and daily routines. Finally, I integrate growth mindset activities into my curriculum. I include vocabulary that focuses on growth mindset, group activities that require students to analyze various types of thinking, and writing prompts that help students embrace learning as a process.

All of tmhese resources are available in my Growth Mindset Activities resource!

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