Five Secondary ELA Units to Teach at the End the School Year

Five Units to Teach at the End the School Year

With the end of the school year approaching, it’s time to begin planning that last unit or final activity. Here is a list of 5 different high school English and middle school ELA units to consider teaching at the end of the school year.

Synthesis Writing
Students are very passionate about high-interest topics, and one of the best ways to harness that energy is to teach a synthesis writing unit. These synthesis argument essays cover topics that students are interested in and help walk students through the synthesis process.

The Research Paper
Assigning a final research paper is one of the quintessential final units for a secondary ELA classroom. This research paper teaching unit includes everything you could need to teach the research process and assign a research paper to students.

research paper teaching unit

Future College and Career Research Paper
Before sending students out for the summer, one great way to wrap up the year is to assign either a future college or a future career research paper. This college and career research assignment duo includes both of these assignments so that students can select which research-based assignment works best for them.

college and career research assignment papers

A Graphic Essay
This was one of my favorite activities from this semester. Rather than assigning a full-on essay, have students present the information the gathered in a visual format. This graphic essay assignment includes a sample template and directions on how to assign a visual essay in your classroom.

graphic essay assignment

End of the Year Growth Mindset Activities
If you wish to jump to end celebratory and reflective end-of-the-year activities, this End of the Year Growth Mindset Activities resource is just for you! This resource has enough activities for a couple of weeks of growth mindset and reflective fun.

End of the Year Growth Mindset Activities



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