Back-to-School Stations for Secondary ELA: How I Use These 4 Stations in My High School English Classroom

Of of the most engaging and interactive ways to start the new school year is by facilitating a back-to-school station activity in your classroom. Using back-to-school stations as a classroom activity during the first week of school a great way to get your students up and interacting with each other. Furthermore, back-to-school stations are also great for getting to know your students and handing out important class information.

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5 Tips for Engaging Struggling Readers and Writers

This blog post will help provide you with tools and strategies for engaging struggling readers and writers in your classroom. As a high school English teacher, I teach students how to read literature and write essays. In fact, reading and writing form half of the four major pillars of ELA instruction: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. And while it is essential to engage of the learners in our classrooms, those who need help with reading and writing might be less willing to engage in classroom discussions.

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50 Creative Writing Prompts for Secondary ELA: Teaching Creative Writing in Middle and High School

Creative writing prompts are a great way to get students’ imaginations flowing and to help them develop their writing skills. Having fun and engaging prompts is a key element in teaching creative writing. These prompts can take many forms, from simple prompts that ask students to describe a character or setting, to more complex prompts that challenge students to explore a particular theme or idea.

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