101 Argument Essay Prompts for High School

Teaching argument writing can be very exciting, especially if you have great argument essay prompts for your students to choose from. It provides students with an opportunity to explore interesting topics. I give my students choices when I teach argument writing in my classroom. Students who select their topics are more engaged with and connected to their writing.

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10 Secondary ELA Writing Resources to Help Students Become Stronger Writers

When it comes to teaching writing, there is just so much to teach. To help students become stronger writers, students need to be well-versed in sentence structure, grammar, and how to organize their ideas, just to name a few skills. One of the best ways to teach middle school ELA and high school English students to become stronger writers is by focusing on specific skills one at a time. This way, students are not overwhelmed, and teachers can more easily assess a certain writing skill. Here is a look at ten secondary ELA writing resources teachers can use to help build strong writers.

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The Five-Paragraph Essay: 5 Reasons Why It Still Relevant?

The age-old five-paragraph essay elicits many things from students: mostly, a creative variety of groans and eye-rolls. An exasperated student might inquire: “Haven’t we done this before, like, a million times? Why do we have to keep on doing this?”

While there are so many reasons for why we as teachers need to move our students beyond the five paragraph essay, it is also essential for writing instruction. Don’t let students catch you off guard. Here are five reasons why the five-paragraph essay is still a critical tool for students’ development as writers and thinkers.

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50 Argumentative Essay Prompts for Secondary ELA

When it comes to teaching argument essays, students prefer a choice in their argumentative essay topics. That is why I filled this page with 50 argumentative essay prompts for students to choose from. By including students in the essay topic selection process, they feel more included in the process, but they will also be more engaged because they will feel like they have a say in their assignment.

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