5 Fun Poetry Activities for This School Year

Teaching poetry this month? Whether you are looking for more ways to gear up for National Poetry Month or projects to make poetry fun, I’ve got you covered with five engaging and fun poetry activities to include in your classroom. .

Here is a look at five of my favorite teaching lessons and activities for teaching poetry! These are poetry lessons and fun poetry activities that I use in my classroom with my own students!

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Poetry Analysis Collaborative Poster Project for Secondary ELA

If there’s one genre that intimidates students, it is definitely poetry. Poetry, for some reason, can make students shrink with uncertainty, doubt, and fear before you even begin the unit. However, this collaborative poetry analysis poster project is one that you and your students will absolutely LOVE!

When I teach poetry in my classroom, I first like to introduce students to it by teaching them how to read and annotate poetry. By breaking this process down for students, it immediately becomes less intimidating.

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