5 Fun Poetry Activities for This School Year

5 Poetry Activities for This School Year. Fun Poetry Activities.

Teaching poetry this month? Whether you are looking for more ways to gear up for National Poetry Month or projects to make poetry fun, I’ve got you covered with five engaging and fun poetry activities to include in your classroom. .

Here is a look at five of my favorite teaching lessons and activities for teaching poetry! These are poetry lessons and fun poetry activities that I use in my classroom with my own students!

Here are Five Fun Poetry Activities for Secondary ELA

Sticky Note Poetry Analysis

5 Poetry Activities for This School YearIncrease student engagement and understanding with this sticky note poetry analysis teaching resource! It includes everything you need to teach your next poetry unit. This poetry teaching unit includes an instructional teaching presentation for direct instruction, suggested poems to teach, and plenty of hands-on and engaging poetry analysis organizers.

Your students will love these interactive and hands-on close reading organizers and scaffolded writing responses. Students will enjoy using sticky notes in class as they analyze complex speeches and nonfiction texts.

This sticky note poetry analysis unit is a great way to help students learn to thoroughly analyze text.

Teacher Reviews!

5 Stars – “I generally hate poetry. I find it awkward and difficult. This helped me simplify it in a way that was accessible not only to me, but to my students. I always like when I am learning next to my students and this was a great opportunity for growth.”

Poetry Analysis Task Cards5 Poetry Activities for This School Year. Fun poetry activities.

Incorporate these poetry analysis task cards in your next poetry teaching unit. These task cards can be used with any poem of your choosing, and there are 40 unique task cards. These poetry task cards also make the perfect addition to a poetry station activity in the classroom.

These poetry analysis task cards work with any poem of your choice and help students take a deeper look at the literal, figurative, and symbolic meanings in poetry.

There are two sets of task cards each included in this resource. The first set includes 8 task cards. This set is designed for students to help them pre-read a poem. The second set includes 32 task cards that are ideal for analyzing a poem in more depth.

Poetry Analysis Mini Flip Book

5 Poetry Activities for This School Year. Fun Poetry Activities. Poetry Analysis Mini BookYour students will love creating this poetry analysis mini flip book. As your students make their way through the pages of this poetry mini flip book, they will analyze multiple aspects of a poem to truly understand its meaning.

This fun poetry project is ideal to complete as you read and after you read any poem. Students work on pages within the workbook to identify, quote, and explain various poetic devices and elements.

This mini flip book includes 7 tabs to help students rhetorically analyze text: about the poem, structure, word choice (and tone), imagery, figurative language, theme, and analysis.

This resource is for use with one poem.

Teacher Review

5 Stars – “My students love putting these together. They feel so accomplished when they’re finished, and they’re much more likely to use them for review than regular notes.”

Blank Verse Poetry Project

This FREE blank verse poetry project is so much fun! With this free activity, students will select any topic of their choosing and write 4-6 lines of blank verse about the topic. It’s a great poetry writing activity that your students will enjoy!

Poetry Analysis Collaborative Poster

5 Poetry Activities for This School Year

One of the most fun classroom experiences my students have had when studying poetry was when I assigned this collaborative poetry analysis project. Students will benefit from working with their peers as they collectively discuss a poem and work to analyze it together. As a bonus, students can then present their poster projects to the class!

5 Poetry Activities for This School Year



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