Night One Pager: Assigning a One-Pager Project as a Culminating Project

Assigning a One-Pager as a Culminating Project. A one pager project for Night

I recently assigned a one pager final project to my sophomores for their culminating Night project. I wanted to combine as many rigorous ELA content ideas as possible, while also designing a fun project for students that provided them with a bit of choice. This Night one pager project was the perfect way to finish the memoir!

To make this one pager project rigorous, I required my students to include multiple MLA-cited quotations with a literary analysis explanation. These are skills my students have learned and practiced all year long, so it was a way for me to assess that skill. I also wanted to give my students an opportunity to express their creativity, and it came through. In considering all of these elements, the one pager was the perfect culminating activity for Night!

What is a One Pager?

A one pager is a classroom assignment, activity, or assessment where students place all of their work on one page. With a one pager, students combine visual and text elements to demonstrate a thematic and symbolic meaning of a text. A one pager can include quotes from a text, quote analysis, critical thinking questions and answers, and visual representations of a setting, symbol, or character.

Furthermore, the one pager is also extremely versatile, and teachers can tailor it to fit their needs. You can read more about the one pager, sketch notes, and mind maps in this blog about coloring in the secondary ELA classroom.

Assigning a One Pager Project as a Culminating Activity for Night Slide16

For the actual assignment, I created a one-pager choice board that is similar that requires students to connect four elements. Every student had to complete the quotes, questions, and images element of the project. From there, students had their choice of four different items they could include: a connection to a song, a timeline, a setting, or a figurative language option. By providing students with a choice, they feel like they have more say with their work.

I reviewed the assignment with my students, explained my expectations, passed out the handout (which was printed double-sided with the instructions on the front and the brainstorming organizer and checklist on the back), and showed my students some examples. Keep reading the post. You can sign-up for my emails to receive a free Google Docs copy of this assignment which includes the assignment, checklist, planning sheet, and a rubric.

Slide17 1I first assigned the project on a Friday to give my students an extra weekend to work on the project. I also provided my students with large paper (11x17inch) for the assignment. Only a few students took advantage of this extra time, but I recommend giving some extra time. I also dedicated two class periods to work on this project, and most of them needed to commit outside class time on this project as well.

On the day projects were due, I provided my students with an opportunity to present their one-page to class. I did this as an extra-credit option. For each student who volunteered to present their project, I gave them an extra 5 points on their project).

The Night One-Pager was an enjoyable project for my students, and it was the perfect final project to assign at the end of the school year.

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