6 Reasons Why Students Should Write Daily

6 Reasons Why Students Should Write Daily

Writing is a skill your students will use for the rest of their lives. When students write daily in the classroom, it will help them master this craft and prepare them for life beyond the classroom. Here are six more reasons why students should write every day:

1. Writing will improve.

The more students write, the better their writing will be. Just like the old saying, “practice makes perfect,” the art of writing will become better as the students practice writing. Often, they may not realize that they need to practice their writing, but writing daily in the classroom will prove this wrong. To help students expand their writing knowledge, try my Descriptive Writing Mini-Unit.

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2. Writing relieves stress.

Having a practice that eases the students’ minds, where they write for a short period in class, without having to think about their other concerns, will relieve stress if only for a few minutes. Writing can be therapeutic, so writing for a few minutes a day will calm a student’s worries. To incorporate quick journal-type writing exercises in your classroom, check out my Growth Mindset Bell-Ringers and my Classroom Community Bell-Ringers

3. Writing provides a creative outlet.

Writing daily will make students think creatively, inventing new ideas and finding ways to express themselves. If given a chance to be creative, students will take full advantage of it and ultimately hone their skills as both writers and creatives. One of my favorite ways to help students harness their creative writing is through a narrative essay.

4. Writing will expand vocabulary.

As students’ writing improves, their vocabulary will develop and change too. The more one writes, the more understanding one gains from the practice of it, and new vocabulary will infiltrate their language.

5. Writing daily gives students a confidence boost in their work.

As the students’ writing will improve, they will begin to feel more confident in their writing. Students will notice how much better their writing has become and then they will feel more confident in their writing for other classes and other assignments. Writing will become second nature to the students.

6. Writing daily allows students to self-assess. 

During the time given to write, students can reflect upon both their writings and their lives. Students will be able to see what causes them problems in their writing and they will be able to work on it and improve their writing.

Implementing writing into a daily routine of the classroom gives students a lot of advantages. Writing daily allows students to master the craft of writing and also allows them to succeed in life. When students begin reflecting on their strengths and interests, you might want to consider assigning a future career research paper.

6 Reasons Why Students Should Write Daily

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