5 Ways to Incorporate Growth Mindset in Your Classroom

5 Ways to Incorporate Growth Mindset in Your Classroom

Incorporating a growth mindset into your classroom can have quite a few benefits. According to the American Psychological Association, “Growth mindset is the belief that a person’s intelligence and abilities can grow and improve with practice, and researchers have found that brief exercises that increase growth mindset can help keep students motivated when they face challenges, improve their grades, and even increase college graduation rates.” However, it should also be noted that a growth mindset isn’t a quick fix. Students will need time to process, think about, and reevaluate these concepts throughout the year.

When incorporating a growth mindset into the middle school and high school classroom, teachers should focus on spreading out activities and incorporating them throughout the year rather than all at once.

Here are five ways to incorporate a growth mindset in the classroom

Growth Mindset Posters

I have these growth mindset posters displayed in my classroom, and I love how my students see these positive and encouraging quotes all year long. Each poster includes a growth mindset quote. These growth mindset quote posters are a great resource for students to refer back to throughout the entire school year.

Growth Mindset Activities for the Secondary Classroom

Create and embrace a growth mindset in your secondary classroom with this Growth Mindset Activities for the Secondary Classroom resource! Introduce growth mindset to your students with a survey, and then complete the activities to help reinforce a growth mindset in your classroom. This resource includes more than 40 pages of useable resources specifically designed to help your middle and high school students develop a growth mindset.

Growth Mindset Activities for High School and Middle School
Growth Mindset Activities for the Secondary Classroom

Growth Mindset Escape Room

Engage students in hands-on growth mindset activities and challenges with this fun and exciting Growth Mindset Escape Room Activity! This activity will help you facilitate conversations about perseverance, commitment, and achievement!

This resource includes teacher directions, student directions, and all of the printable resources necessary to hold an escape activity in your classroom. Plus, there are also activities for before and after the escape room to keep the growth mindset conversation going!

Growth Mindset Escape Room
Growth Mindset Escape Room Activity

Growth Mindset Bell Ringers

These growth mindset bell ringers are designed with middle school and high schoolers in mind and will get your students thinking and reflecting. There are 30 growth mindset bell ringers in this resource, and each bell ringer includes a growth mindset-inspired quote and a brief writing response. Students will read the quote and write either an argument, informational, or narrative response. For further classroom engagement, teachers can have students share aloud their responses and create a classroom discussion that paves the way for growth, reflection, and learning. Each day you decide to start class with a growth mindset bell ringer and display the writing prompt on the overhead projector. Students will walk into the classroom, see the prompt, and begin working on their responses.

Growth Mindset Character Analysis Activities

Ideal for any novel or short story, these growth mindset character analysis activities help you and your students focus on a growth mindset in an entirely new and unique way.

These character analysis growth mindset activities will help you and your students analyze characters in any work of fiction as to whether they have a growth or fixed mindset. These activities focus on character traits, learning from failures and mistakes, and supporting everything with evidence from the text. This resource includes 12 different organizers, 4 writing prompts, and rubrics.

For further reading about facilitating a growth mindset in the classroom, you can check out this blog post about growth mindset novel recommendations for students and this blog post about growth mindset writing prompts
5 Ways to Incorporate Growth Mindset in Your Classroom



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