5 Steps to the Perfect Classroom Posters

5 Steps to the Perfect Classroom Posters

I love adding pops of color and expressive decor to my classroom. One way to do this is by putting classroom posters on my walls. Here’s a little trick to help you make those classroom posters really stand out on your classroom walls.

Some of my favorite classroom posters are these ELA Quotes Classroom Posters and my Growth Mindset Classroom Posters.

1. Print the poster on bright white paper or cardstock.

The bright white paper helps produce the best results. The color from the ink looks best when it’s on bright white paper. If you don’t have a good-quality color printer, it is best to print the posters at an office supply store.

5 Steps to the Perfect Classroom Posters

2. Cut off the margins with a paper slicer

I use this paper slicer to cut off the margins of the posters. Since the printer leaves some blank space in the margins, I cut them off. I like using the paper slicer to ensure a straight line. Plus, it saves time. I use the paper slicer when I am also preparing my escape room kits.

5 Steps to the Perfect Classroom Posters

3. Back the posters with bright cardstock

Since I cut off the margins, my posters are now slightly smaller than 8.5×11 inches, which is perfect because I can use brightly colored cardstock to frame the poster. This spectrum of colors from Astrobrights is my favorite for classroom posters because there are so many different color options. I use just a tiny amount of glue stick glue in each corner and glue the poster to the top of the cardstock.

5 Steps to the Perfect Classroom Posters

4. Laminate the posters for safekeeping

Once I have my posters printed, cut, and framed on the cardstock, I laminate them. I like laminating classroom posters for two reasons: longevity and color intensity. I don’t know why, but lamination just seems to add even more intensity and saturation to color prints. As a high school English teacher, I don’t need a laminator for everyday use, but I have found it helpful to have a small laminator for the occasional project. I use this Amazon Basics laminator and laminating sheets. It’s going strong years later, and it is perfect for my needs.

5 Steps to the Perfect Classroom Posters

5. Enjoy your new classroom decor

Once you’ve assembled your classroom posters, hang them up (or more like staple them to the wall) and enjoy!

5 Steps to the Perfect Classroom Posters



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