10 ELA Resources for Remote Teaching


Here’s a list of ten resources for middle school ELA and high school English that will help you teach digitally and remotely. I’ve been creating digital, Google-based lessons since 2015, but here is a look at ten of my favorite. To check out all of the resources, search SMARTePlans on my TPT store.

Sentence Combining Bell Ringers

These sentence-combining bell ringers are the perfect way to help students improve their writing skills. This unit includes an introductory lesson that shows students a step-by-step process for how to combine sentences. It also contains several example slides and plenty of daily warm-up slides for students to complete

Growth Mindset Digital Escape Room

One of the most important things we can be doing right now is helping our students with their social and emotional learning right now. This Growth Mindset Escape Room is the perfect way to introduce students to growth mindset and provide them with a fun, engaging, and challenging task to complete.

Activities for Any Novel

A great way to engage students with literature this time is to foster book clubs, literature circles, and even class novels. This SMARTePlans unit includes interactive, digital activities and assignments that are creative, engaging, and work with any piece of fiction. It includes activities for plot, literary analysis, and more!

Character Analysis Unit for Any Novel

Similar to the novel unit, this character analysis unit focuses on character development and analysis, and it works with any piece of fiction. With the activities in this unit, students can trace a character’s development throughout the story. It also includes fun and engaging activities that include character social media profiles and character want ads.

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Digital Poetry Analysis Task Cards

April is National Poetry Month, and these digital poetry task cards are a great way to engage students in poetry analysis. There are 40 different task cards in this digital resource (the first set has eight and the second, more in-depth set includes 32 cards) that work with any poem.

The Most Dangerous Game Short Story Close Read and Literary Analysis

Students can still closely read and annotate text digitally with this close read and literary analysis unit. With this activity, students will first read the entire short story, and then go back and reread select passages as they look for certain literary elements, and then students write literary analysis paragraphs.

Love, Acceptance, Diversity, and Tolerance Daily Writing Prompts

One way to connect with students and establish a sense of classroom community is to have students respond to these daily writing prompts. Each writing prompt includes a quote about love, acceptance, diversity, or tolerance, and an accompanying CCSS-aligned writing prompt.

Future Career Research Paper

This future career research paper organizer is optimized for digital instruction and covers many parts of the writing process. With this writing unit, students will research and explore a career of their choice and write about their findings.

Digital Parts of Speech Task Cards

These digital parts of speech task cards are the perfect way to practice and review parts of speech skills digitally. This unit includes 80 different task cards broken up into two separate sets.

Growth Mindset Interactive Notebook

Help students develop a growth mindset as they work their way through a growth mindset interactive notebook. This resource includes self-reflection surveys, exit slips, activities, and more.

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