10 ELA Lessons to Teach in 2022


When it comes to teaching middle school and high school English, here are ten lessons to teach in 2022.

Thesis Statment Writing 

One of the most essential skills a student can learn in a high school English classroom is how to write a well-developed thesis statement. Once students master thesis statement writing, their essays improve tremendously. This thesis statement lesson includes an instructional presentation (that includes good and bad examples) and student materials to make teaching thesis statement writing easy.

Thesis Statement Writing
Thesis Statement Writing Unit

Logical Fallacies 

Teaching students about logical fallacies is a crucial element in my argumentation unit. By teaching students about logical fallacies, we are teaching students how to better read and analyze information and also how to write stronger arguments. This logical fallacies lesson plan includes a logical fallacies instructional slide and student materials.

Logical Fallacies Teaching Unit
Logical Fallacies Teaching Unit

Colons and Semicolons

Teaching students about punctuation, especially colons and semicolons, can be a tedious and daunting task. However, this colons and semicolons teaching unit takes the challenging part out of teaching punctuation. Your students will love the sketch notes, and you will love the extra practice students receive.

Colons and semicolons teaching unit
Colons and Semicolons Teaching Unit

Future Career Research Paper 

Out of every assignment I’ve ever given, one of the most meaningful assignments, according to my high school students, is the future career research paper. With this future career research paper project, students research and write about a future career of their choice.

IMG 4149 2
Future Career Research Paper 

Sentence Combining 

A simple and easy way to help students become stronger writers is to focus on a little bit of sentence combining each and every single class period. These sentence combining bell ringers are a great way to start out each class period. This sentence combining bundle includes four sets of sentence combining bell ringers that will get you through an entire school year!


While teaching verbals isn’t always exciting or fun, teaching verbals is part of the curriculum. This verbals teaching unit helps break down the process with an instructional slide and student materials.

Verbals teaching unit
Verbals Teaching Unit 

Active and Passive Voice 

Another great way to help students improve their writing is to teach them all about active and passive voice. This active and passing voice lesson includes an instructional presentation with examples and ample student practice.

active and passive voice teaching unit
Active and Passive Voice Teaching Unit

Academic Vocabulary: Literary Devices

Kickstart your students’ understanding of literary devices with this academic vocabulary unit focusing only on literary devices. For five weeks, your students will work on five different literary devices each week -ultimately learning 25 words over the course of a five-week period.

Academic Vocabulary Teaching Unit
Academic Vocabulary Teaching Unit

Listening Skills 

Teaching listening skills is challenging, but this listening skills escape room challenge makes it much easier. In this listening skills escape room activity, students will listen to a professionally-recorded nonfiction audio file and then work together in groups to solve a series of tasks.

Synthesis Essay 

Should cell phones be allowed in school? Let your students decide with a synthesis essay! This synthesis writing unit includes links to multiple articles for students to read, synthesize, and formulate their own claims. This synthesis writing unit comes with brainstorming organizers, outlines, and a grading rubric.



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