Writing Spotlight: Writing in the Present Tense (the literary present tense)


Help your students consistently write about literature in the literary present tense with this Writing Spotlight mini-unit. This writing unit for middle school and high school ELA includes teachable content and student resources to help your students improve their ability to maintain a consistent tense, the literary present tense, when writing about literature.

This unit includes:

  • a 33 slide, editable and animated PowerPoint presentation for direct instruction and whole-class exercises
  • 8 PDF pages of student resources
  • Answer keys
  • Writing examples (embedded in the PowerPoint)

Aiming to improve student writing, each Writing Spotlight unit focuses on one aspect of writing. I recommend that you incorporate these mini-unit spotlights into your instruction one at a time. Each time you assign a new, substantial writing assignment, incorporate a new Spotlight to create strong, confident writers.


Writing Spotlight 1: Writing about Quotes

Writing Spotlight 2: Writing in the Third Person