Verbals Teaching Bundle


Introduce verbals and verbal phrases to your students with this verbals teaching bundle. This bundle contains an a PDF file with student resources, a verbals mini flip book, and an editable PowerPoint presentation, comprehensive verbals teaching unit that includes an interactive, animated, an EDITABLE PowerPoint presentation and quizzes, practice, and guided notes.

This resource includes:

– a 51 slide, EDITABLE PowerPoint Presentation

– 59 page PDF file that includes 19 different activities (color, B&W, and answer keys)

– a mini flip book with 8 tabs: Verbals, Participles, Gerunds, Participles vs. Gerunds, Infinitives, Writing Tips, Mentor Sentences, and Practice.

The PowerPoint teaches students these concepts:

– verbals

– participles

– past and present participles

– participle phrases

– dangling participles

– gerunds

– gerunds vs. present participles

– gerund phrases

– infinitives

– infinitive phrases

– split infinitives

The supplemental teaching resources includes these activities:

– Verbals Pre Assessment

– 3 pages of guided student notes for instruction

– Introduction to Participles

– Participles and Participle Phrases

– Participle Phrase Mentor Sentences

– Writing with Participle Phrases

– Revising Dangling Participles

– Introduction to Gerunds

– Gerund Phrases

– Gerund Phrase Mentor Sentences

– Writing with Gerund Phrases

– Introduction to Infinitives

– Infinities and Infinitive Phrases

– Infinitive Phrase Mentor Sentences

– Writing with Infinitive Phrases

– Revising Split Infinitives

– Verbals and Verbal Phrases in Literature (1)

– Verbals and Verbal Phrases in Literature (2)

– Answer Keys for all applicable pages