Valentine’s Day Sentence Combining Bell Ringers for Secondary English


“Improve student writing in February with these Valentine’s Day Sentence Combining Bell Ringers! This resource includes six step-by-step instructional slides, three days of suggested sentences to help students understand sentence combining, and three weeks of sentence combining fun!

Beginning three weeks before Valentine’s Day, use these bell ringers and do nows at the beginning of class to bring some Valentine’s Day fun into your daily class warm-up.

Each slide contains a series of related (Valentine’s Day-themed) simple sentences. Students read the series of sentences and combine the information in each sentence to write a beautifully written compound/complex/compound-complex sentence.

This download includes one PDF file that contains:
– 6 slides of step-by step instructions
– 15 different sentence combining slides
– 3 days of suggested sentences to help students with the sentence combining process.

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This resource is included in a BUNDLE:
Valentine’s Day Grammar, Bell-Ringer, & Activities Bundle for Secondary ELA

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