Ultimate Writing Bundle – Secondary ELA Writing

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This writing unit includes 15 of my best writing resources including research paper writing, argument writing, narrative writing, informative writing, and more! This is perfect for the secondary ELA classroom.

This writing mega bundle contains all of the writing resources, teaching materials, assignments, and rubrics you will need for your secondary English classroom for an entire year!

With 12 different PowerPoint presentations that are completely editable and 160+ pages of printable resources, all of the resources in this bundle are designed to teach students about the different kinds of writing, help students improve their writing, and make your job easier.

This Writing Bundle Includes:

Argument Writing – CCSS.ELA-Literary.W.7-12.1

Introduction to Argumentative Writing: a CCSS aligned mini-unit (grades 7-12)

Argumentative and Persuasive Writing Strategies: Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Paraphrasing, Quoting, and Summarizing: A Common Core Writing Mini Unit

Informational Writing – CCSS.ELA-Literary.W.7-12.2

Introduction to Informational Writing: a CCSS aligned mini-unit (grades 7-12)

Introduction to Research Writing: a CCSS aligned mini-unit (grades 7-12)

Quote It! A Common Core Lesson About Embedding Quotations in Writing

Narrative Writing – CCSS.ELA-Literary.W.7-12.3

Introduction to Narrative Writing: a CCSS aligned mini-unit (grades 7-12)

Quote It! A CCSS Lesson About Writing and Punctuating Dialogue in Narratives

Other Writing Resources

Annotating Text Made Easy – CCSS aligned

Descriptive Writing Mini-Unit – CCSS Aligned – Grades 7-10

Common Core Writing Rubrics Bundle (Grades 7-12)

Peer Editing Made Easy (Common Core – ESL – Grades 7-12)

MLA Format and Citation PowerPoint Presentation

Writing in Parallel Structure: PowerPoint, Worksheets, Tests

Each Introduction to Writing Lesson includes:

– an editable PowerPoint presentation

– teaching resources

– a writing assignment

– peer editing

– a rubric

***All of these resources are included in my curriculum!***

Secondary English Curriculum: Common Core – Grades 7-10

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Original price was: $95.50.Current price is: $76.40.