The Odyssey – Sticky Note Literary Analysis Activities & Organizers


Do your students struggle to complete meaningful literary analysis? This The Odyssey sticky note literary analysis unit is just what you need to increase engagement, analysis, and even comprehension as you read Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey.

These interactive and hands-on sticky note literary analysis organizers work at any point throughout The Odyssey. Students will enjoy using sticky notes in class as they analyze complex short stories and novels. These organizers help scaffold literary analysis to make it more meaningful and accessible for all learners!

This sticky note literary analysis activity unit includes 11 sticky note organizers (5 with built-in writing prompts) and detailed answer keys.

Included Sticky Note Literary Analysis Organizers:

  • Jigsaw Organizer (use with any three literary elements)
  • Figurative Language Organizer
  • Direct vs. Indirect Characterization Organizer with Writing Prompt
  • Character Development Organizer (Odysseus)
  • Character Development Organizer (generic for any character)
  • Conflict Development Organizer
  • Internal and External Conflict Organizer with Writing Prompt
  • Symbol Analysis Organizer
  • Symbol Organizer with Writing Prompt
  • Tone Organizer with Writing Prompt
  • Setting Organizer with Writing Prompt
  • Suggested answer keys for all organizers (minus jigsaw and generic character)

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