The Odyssey Differentiated Reading Guide and Study Questions


This download is only compatible with the Prentice Hall textbook version of Homer’s “The Odyssey.

This is a 14 page reading guide designed to help ESL students, students with special needs, and struggling readers comprehend, enjoy, and read deeper into Homer’s “The Odyssey.

This guide includes line-by-line analysis and 74 chronologically ordered study guide questions for the following episodes:

– The Adventure of Odysseus

– Sailing from Troy

– The Lotus Eaters

– The Cyclops

– “Twenty years gone, and I am back again…

– Argus

– The Suitors

– Penelope

– The Challenge

In addition to the line-by-line analysis and 74 study guide questions, there are two writing response prompts included that are aligned with the Common Core Standards.

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