The French Revolution Group Research Project


“This French Revolution Group Research Project is aligned with the common core standards for ELA and requires students to work collaboratively to create a research project. It is the perfect way to introduce the topic in a history class, or to familiarize students with the the Civil War before reading related literature.

The final project includes a five paragraph research paper written and cited in MLA format and a PowerPoint presentation that is presented to class.

This download includes:
– The research project assignment (PDF)
– Research topics and websites for students to visit (PDF)
– Group member evaluation forms (PDF)
– Teacher rubric with customizable point values (PDF)
– Editable example PowerPoint Template (PPT)

The French Revolution Paper -The French Revolution Research Topics – Common Core Standards for The French Revolution – Group Research Project – The French Revolution Research Assignment – The French Revolution Term Paper -The Bastille, Marie Antoinette, King Louis XVI”