The Crucible Interactive Bookmarks: Questions, Vocabulary, Logical Fallacies


“Foldable and interactive comprehension and vocabulary bookmarks for Arthur Miller’s drama The Crucible. These bookmarks include vocabulary terms, logical fallacies, reading questions, a timeline of events, and important quotations.

There are a total of four different bookmarks for this novel. Each bookmark covers one act of the play, is double-sided, and contains:
– 10 vocabulary words for students to define
– 12 detailed reading comprehension questions with designated answer spaces
– A place for students to write down three key quotations from each act along with an explanation to help strengthen literary analysis skills
– A place for students to write down a timeline of events
– A place for students to identify and record logical fallacies

These bookmarks are foldable, interactive, fun, and engaging. They are a great resource for EL students, struggling readers, honors students, and every student in between. Students will no longer lose their work, and they will understand the novel better.

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