The Anatomy of a Newspaper: Journalism and Informational Text Lesson


Teach your students all about the elements of a newspaper with this journalism and text-based lesson, Anatomy of a Newspaper.

With this resource, your students will learn all about the parts of a newspaper, which will help them be able to identify key information quicker.

This journalism teaching unit includes the following items:

  • a 26-slide presentation for direct instruction that breaks down the various elements of newspapers including the section, headline, byline, photo caption, and more
  • newspaper terminology reference sheet
  • newspaper labeling assignment
  • newspaper labeling assignment that can be used again and again
  • newspaper story dissection assignment that can be used again and again
  • newspaper stations activity

In this journalism and nonfiction text lesson, students will learn all about the sections of a newspaper and key features of a news story including the headline, byline, dateline, and more.

This assignment is ideal for any middle school or high school journalism class, and it is also useful for an informational text unit for middle and high school class.

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NEW: Revised 05/29/2019

The new file includes an updated look, teacher lesson plan guide, newspaper terminology handout, inverted pyramid organizer, and a newspaper stations activity.

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