Short Story Unit Final Essay: Analyzing a Common Motif


“Bring some unity to your short story unit with a final essay that asks students to analyze a common motif across multiple short stories. This essay can be presented as an informative or argument essay.

This final short story essay includes a writing prompt, list of 54 common motifs, essay outline, multiple graphic organizers, a comprehensive and multi-page graphic organizer outline, peer editing, and two different rubrics. Everything you need to finalize your short story unit is included in this essay resource!

Essay prompt – Analyzing Motif: Select a common motif that is found in three of the stories we read. Students will analyze the common motif of their choice in all of the stories you read in class. The graphic organizers and materials in this resource include up to six short stories. I always suggest that students brainstorm more stories than they will need.

This resource is included in a bundle!
Short Story Unit Final Essay BUNDLE: Analyzing MOTIF