Short Stories Digital Close Reading Growing Bundle

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Engage your students in a digital close reading and literary analysis assignment with these exciting short stories! Each digital close reading activity is aligned with the common core state standards (reading literature and writing) and requires students to go back to selected passages from the text to read and closely analyze various literary elements.

With an emphasis placed on close reading, students will gain a better understanding of each short story, as well as increase their understanding of conflict, suspense, and theme. Students will then be able to write a one-paragraph literary response that includes quotations and analysis.

With each assignment, students will complete these tasks:

Read the short story

Go back and closely read selected passages

Annotate the short story and/or the selected passages

Find and cite evidence of a specified literary element

Write a literary analysis paragraph

This assignment includes:

Teacher instructions for assigning this file via Google Classroom

A link to the short story

A Google Slides presentation for student work

A suggested answer key

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Original price was: $33.00.Current price is: $26.40.