Romeo and Juliet Writing Tasks and Assignments for the Entire Play


Help your students truly understand and analyze Romeo and Juliet with these Romeo and Juliet writing tasks! There is a unique writing assignment for each Act of the play, and each writing assignment comes with a brainstorming organizer to use as you read each Act.

These Romeo and Juliet writing activities cover five different literary elements and include differentiated instruction and additional resources (graphic organizers and a suggested sentence starter resource sheet) that will help ESL, special needs, and struggling students.

This download addresses the three types of writing outlined by the Common Core: narrative, explanatory, and argumentative. There is one writing task for each Act, and each writing prompt (with the exception of the narrative writing prompt) includes a separate page of suggested sentence starters to help less proficient students complete each prompt. These tasks address writing standards 1, 2, and 3.

With this download, students will be able to write about their understanding of round and flat characters, blank verse, dramatic forms of speech (monologue, soliloquy, and aside), and dramatic irony.

This download includes:

– 5 writing prompts with built-in ESL support and differentiation

– 4 sentence starters handouts to accompany four of the writing tasks

– graphic organizers

– 1 blank verse worksheet

– 1 creative writing task

This resource is included in a bundle:

Ultimate Romeo and Juliet Differentiation Bundle

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