Romeo and Juliet Unit Plan – 5-week plan with activities, writing, and more!


Take your Romeo and Juliet Unit to the next-level with this engaging, hands-on, and comprehensive 5-week unit. This engaging Romeo and Juliet Unit Plan has everything you will need to teach and engage your students in William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy. With this Romeo and Juliet Teaching Unit, students will not only have a better understanding of the play, but they will also be able to demonstrate their understanding of the play and various literary elements through writing.

Begin your unit with pre-reading activities including an engaging blank verse mini-unit and a Romeo and Juliet Prologue Annotation and Writing Activity. As you read the play, help students understand the play by using Romeo and Juliet activities such as the foldable and interactive comprehension bookmarks and the Romeo and Juliet CLOZE summary passages. At the end of the unit, students will demonstrate their understanding of the play with a final argument essay.

This Romeo and Juliet Teaching Unit includes these activities:

⭐️ Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Unit

⭐️ Romeo and Juliet Final Argument Essay

⭐️ Romeo and Juliet CLOZE summary passages

⭐️ Romeo and Juliet Writing Tasks for the Entire Play

⭐️ Romeo and Juliet Timeline Review Activity

⭐️ Making Sense of Blank Verse and Iambic Pentameter

⭐️ Romeo and Juliet Character Analysis Graphic Organizers

⭐️ Bonus File: 5-week unit plan

The Romeo and Juliet writing tasks included in this bundle includes prompts for argumentative, explanatory, and narrative writing, along with helpful and differentiated organizers to help students learn how to write about and respond to literature. The Romeo and Juliet CLOZE summary passages can be used as a helpful review tool or as an informal assessment.

Plan your reading around the analysis and comprehension bookmarks!

  • Each bookmark is a complete activity in itself!
  • Students complete the bookmarks in class as you read the play!


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Lori B. says, “This is an awesome resource for Romeo and Juliet! My students found completing the bookmarks for each act especially helpful, and they enjoyed doing the work too.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sherrii W. says, “This is such a good resource for teaching R&J for the first time! I’ve used it year after year to help my students understand the play and dig deep into analysis.