Romeo and Juliet Bookmarks: Questions, Analysis, Vocabulary


Engage your students in William Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet with these comprehensive interactive bookmarks that cover reading questions, vocabulary, literary devices, and more!

There are a total of five different bookmarks for this play. Each bookmark covers one act, is double-sided, and contains:

– 10 vocabulary words for students to define

– 5 literary devices to learn

– 12 reading comprehension questions and designated answer spaces

– A place for students to write down three key quotations from each act

– A place for students to write down a timeline of events for each act

These bookmarks are foldable, interactive, fun, and engaging. They are a great resource for EL students, struggling readers, honors students, and every student in between. Students will gain a better understanding of the play as they work on these bookmarks as they read each Act.

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