Romeo and Juliet Act IV Vocabulary Pack


“This Common Core aligned vocabulary packet includes everything you will need for teaching your students the vocabulary in Act IV.

This vocabulary packet includes:
– a teacher instruction page
– a list with 10 vocabulary words
– a word list with the definitions that can be turned into a fun, hands-on learning activity
– two different vocabulary graphic organizers
– a crossword puzzle to help students study
– a vocabulary quiz
– the corresponding answer key

The activities and graphic organizers in this packet are differentiated for a variety of students. Struggling readers, younger readers, ESL students, mainstream students, and honors students will all benefit from this packet.

This packet covers Common Core Strands:
ELA-Literacy (grades 7-12) 4
ELA-Literacy (grades 7-12) 4c
ELA-Literacy (grades 7-12) 4d

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