Reflecting about Reading Bell Ringers


“There are 30 reflecting about reading bell ringers in this resource. Each bell ringer includes a quote about reading from an author or influential person and a quick writing prompt. Students will read the quote and write either an argument, informational, or narrative response.

These bell ringers are designed to help students focus their energy at the start of the class while also getting them thinking, writing, listening, and speaking. I find it most helpful when you select a few students to share their answers aloud. These writing prompts, which can double as reading and reflecting journal entries, can be used to begin a lively and engaging classroom discussion about reading, and the power books have.

*This resource is ideal for any subject level. However, they will be most beneficial in language arts, English, social studies, study skills, homeroom, and leadership type classes. Teachers display each bell ringer on the overhead each class period.

This resource is ideal for grades 7-12.

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