Punctuation Teaching Unit: Colons and Semicolons


This colons and semicolons punctuation unit has everything you need to teach your students about colons and semicolons! This punctuation teaching unit includes materials for instruction and student resources, assessments, and practice. This resource will help your students learn about punctuation.

This resource includes:

  • a 32-slide EDITABLE & animated PowerPoint presentation
  • a pretest to assess students’ understanding
  • 8 worksheets: Colon and Semicolon Rules Organizer, Punctuating with Colons, Identifying Correct Colon Usage, Punctuating with Semicolons, Identifying Correct Semicolon Usage, Commas and Semicolons, Sentence Combining with Commas and Semicolons, Colon or Semicolon?
  • Two 8.5×11 inch classroom posters/student handouts
  • student reference bookmarks (NEW!)
  • semicolon and colon doodle note page (NEW!)
  • answer keys
  • PLUS ALL of the digital Google™ files

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