Parts of Speech Escape Room Activity


Engage your students with fun, exciting, and hands-on grammar instruction with this Parts of Speech Escape Room Breakout Activity! This escape room includes 7 different tasks to keep your students learning and problem-solving!

This download includes teacher directions, student directions, all of the printable resources necessary to hold an escape activity in your classroom (including a paper answer key) and a, link to a Google Form answer key!

Task 1

Students match the parts of speech terms with their corresponding definitions and examples.

Task 2

Students identify the part of speech of a designated word in a sentence.

Task 3

Students read a super short story and fill-in-the-blanks with words of their choosing. Then students must identify the part of speech for the words they selected.

Task 4

Students will sort words (in context) into two groups: adjective or adverb. Then, students will unscramble the letters to reveal a hidden code.

Task 5

Students complete a conjunctions word maze and then using the acronym for the coordinating conjunctions, students identify which coordinating conjunction should be used for each sentence.

Task 6

Students use clue cards to identify the part of speech for various words in a sentence.

Task 7

Students decode a coded message about the parts of speech.


Students will complete seven different growth mindset tasks that rely on decoding, matching, sorting, and unlocking a hidden message. Throughout these seven tasks, students will work with various elements of the parts of speech.

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