Of Mice and Men Digital Teaching Unit Bundle – Distance Learning

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“Teach John Steinbeck’s novella, “Of Mice and Men” digitally with this paperless novel study! This resource includes a digital novel introduction activity, digital character analysis notebook, digital Of Mice and Men notebook, and self-grading chapter quizzes for each chapter.

This BUNDLE includes these resources:
SMARTePlans Of Mice and Men Novel Introduction for Google Drive
This 5 slide introduction activity allows students to work at their own pace and individually or collaboratively on a novel introduction activity that will prepare them to read Of Mice and Men. These colorful and engaging slides will prompt students to research and learn about the Great Depression, migrant workers, mental health care in the 1930s, and more.

SMARTePlans Digital Of Mice and Men Character Analysis Interactive Notebook
This digital activity includes three different types of character analysis activities that help students analyze each character so that students gain a better understanding of the story and Steinbeck’s message.

SMARTePlans Of Mice and Men Digital Unit and Interactive Notebook
This is a complete teaching unit in itself! The possibilities are endless with this digital Of Mice and Men student notebook. Students will analyze characters, symbols, keep track of major events, respond to reading questions for each chapter, and complete a writing task for every chapter.

SMARTePlans Of Mice and Men Chapter Quizzes: Self-Grading Google Forms
These self-grading chapter quizzes for John Steinbeck’s novella “Of Mice and Men” run on the Google® Forms platform. There are six quizzes included in this resource, one for each chapter, and each quiz contains 10 questions (5 matching and 5 multiple-choice). There is also a built-in answer key for each quiz that makes grading a breeze! Your students will know their grades as soon as they submit their forms, and all of your data will be compiled neatly into a Google Sheet!

Original price was: $39.50.Current price is: $22.50.