Nouns Digital Parts of Speech Unit – Distance Learning


Introduce the parts of speech to your secondary English students by teaching them all about nouns with the Google Suite. This parts of speech and nouns unit works on Google Classroom, Google Slides, Google, Docs, and Google Forms.

This comprehensive nouns unit includes an editable Google Slides presentation that is 22 slides long and includes animation. There is also a Google Doc that includes multiple practice worksheets for students and 3 self-grading Google Forms tests for assessment (pre-test, test, and final test – the test and pre-test contain the same items to measure student growth).

This resource includes:

– a 22 page, editable Google Slides presentation

– a Google Doc filled with multiple practice worksheets that student can write on

– 3 Google Forms for assessment

The EDITABLE PowerPoint presentation teaches students about:

– Nouns

– Common Nouns

– Proper Nouns

– Abstract Nouns

– Concrete Nouns

– Compound Nouns

– Collective Nouns

– Count Nouns

– Non Count Nouns

The supplemental teaching resources include:

– a student reference sheet

– a pretest

– 6 different noun worksheets with answer keys

– a crossword puzzle with answer key

– a final test with answer key

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