Night Chapter Quizzes: Self-Grading Quizzes


These self-grading chapter quizzes for Elie Wiesel’s memoir “Night” run on the Google® Forms platform. There are 9 quizzes included in this resource, one for each chapter, and each quiz contains 10 questions (5 multiple-choice and 5 true/false). There is also a built-in answer key for each quiz that makes grading a breeze! Your students will know their grades as soon as they submit their forms, and all of your data will be compiled neatly into a Google Sheet!

This resource also includes all of the original paper quizzes as well to accommodate students with IEPs and 504 plans.

Save money and purchase all ten quizzes in a BUNDLE!

SMARTePlans Animal Farm Chapter Quizzes: Self-Grading Google Forms

Using Google Forms as an assessment and information-gathering tool provides teachers with two distinct bonuses: first, Google Forms are completely editable. You can tailor this Form to your specific needs. You can add, delete, or edit questions. You can also change the points value for the assessment. Secondly, Google Forms provide teachers with real-time data that is organized into colorful charts and graphs. You will be able to see what students know and don’t know.