New Year’s Resolution Growth Mindset Sticky Note Activities


Updated for 2023! Begin the New Year in your classroom with sticky note growth mindset activities that will get students reflecting about 2022 and setting goals for 2023! As students reflect on their mistakes and triumphs of 2022, they will set smart goals and an action plan for 2023.

Using sticky notes while completing these activities increases student engagement and adds a new level of meaning to each activity. This activity is the PERFECT way to begin school after the winter break!

This Growth Mindset New Year’s Activity set includes:

– Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset Student Handout

– New Year’s Resolution Growth Mindset Survey

– 2022 Growth Mindset Quiz, Scoring Guide, and Writing Prompt

– 2023 Goals Pennant Banner

– 2022 Reflection Writing Prompt


– Multiple Organizers and Activities

**Includes yearly updates! The next calendar year’s file will be updated in December**