MLA Format Escape Room Activity


Engage your students with fun, exciting, and hands-on MLA Format (8th edition) activity with this MLA Style Escape Room Breakout Activity! This escape room includes 5 different tasks to keep your students learning and problem-solving!

This download includes teacher directions, student directions, all of the printable resources necessary to hold an escape activity in your classroom (including a paper answer key) and a, link to a Google Form answer key!

Task 1

Students complete a word maze to learn what the acronym MLA means.

Task 2

Students read a passage closely and answer 10 multiple-choice questions about MLA Style. This informative passage can be used as an introduction to MLA Format or as continued practice.

Task 3

Students sort various task cards to properly set up the paper in MLA Format. Students will need to know where the header, heading, title, and body of the paper go. Students will also need to know about paper margins and how to format a Works Cited page.

Task 4

Students will match 12 different MLA citations to their proper source type. This activity will get students to take a closer look at citations.

Task 5

In the final task, students will read an informational passage about MLA Format and parenthetical citations. Then, students will use the knowledge they just learned to complete the parenthetical citations.


Students will complete five different MLA Style tasks that rely on decoding, matching, sorting, and unlocking a hidden message. Throughout these five tasks, students will work with various elements of MLA Style.

MLA Format resources:

MLA Format (8th Edition) Mini Flip Book

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