MLA Format Bundle: PowerPoint, Escape Room, Mini Flip Book, Source Cards

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MLA PowerPoint Presentation

Updated with 9th edition MLA revisions, this PowerPoint includes a color-coded visual presentation to teach your students how to cite their sources in MLA Format. This resource is completely editable and almost 20 slides long!

This 9th Edition MLA Format PowerPoint includes information about what MLA format is, why we write in MLA format, how to set up a paper in MLA format, and how to cite in MLA format (parenthetical citations and Works Cited Page).

MLA Format Escape Room

Engage your students with fun, exciting, and hands-on MLA Format (8th edition) activity with this MLA Style Escape Room Breakout Activity! This escape room includes 5 different tasks to keep your students learning and problem-solving!

This download includes teacher directions, student directions, all of the printable resources necessary to hold an escape activity in your classroom (including a paper answer key) and a, link to a Google Form answer key!

MLA Format Mini Flip Book

8th Edition MLA Format Mini Flip Book: Help your students learn how to properly format their papers and cite their sources with this MLA Format Mini Flip Book.

This mini flip book includes 7 tabs to help them with MLA Format: MLA Format, Citations, Electronic Sources, Modern Sources, Print Sources, Works Cited, and My Sources.

There are several first pages for teachers and students to choose from, and there are two different last pages to choose from as well.

– Classroom Directions Included!

– Compatible with Interactive Notebooks!

– Fun and Engaging!

– Hands-On!

MLA Format Source Cards

Updated for 8th Edition MLA Format, this source cards student reference sheet (double-sided) and a graphic organizer (double-sided) helps students keep track of their research and properly cite their sources in MLA format. Print the handout sheet on brightly colored paper or cardstock, and your students will keep it and use it all year long.

Original price was: $20.48.Current price is: $15.50.