Mini Flip Book Growing Bundle: Grammar, Parts of Speech, Growth Mindset


Using mini flips books in the classroom is an effective and hands-on way to introduce, teach, practice, and review key English language arts concepts. This growing bundle includes all of my current books and future ones as well! Mini flip books are compatible with interactive notebooks.

Each mini flip book includes classroom instructions and answer keys (if applicable).

This growing bundle includes:

Coordinating Conjunctions Mini Flip Book

Digital Citizenship Mini Flip Book

Growth Mindset Mini Flip Book

MLA Format (8th Edition) Mini Flip Book

Parts of Speech Mini Flip Book

Pronouns Mini Flip Book

Sentence Structure Mini Flip Book

Verbals Mini Flip Book

Added 9/12/17: Literary Analysis Mini Flip Book

Added 11/19/17: Introduction to William Shakespeare Mini Flip Reference Book

Added 3/4/2018:Rhetorical Analysis Mini Flip Book

Added 3/25/2018: Poetry Analysis Mini Flip Book

Added 2/28/2018: APA Style Mini Flip Book

Added 2/8/2021: Digital Growth Mindset Flip Book

Added 2/8/2021: Digital Parts of Speech Flip Book

Added 2/8/2021: Digital Literary Analysis Flip Book

Added 2/8/2021: Digital Rhetorical Analysis Flip Book

– Classroom Directions Included!

– Compatible with Interactive Notebooks!

– Fun and Engaging!

– Hands-On!

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