Mega Grammar Bundle for Secondary ELA: print + digital resources

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This grammar bundle has more than enough grammar lessons, resources, activities, and quizzes for the entire school year! With more than 400 EDITABLE PowerPoint slides and more than 300 pages of grammar teaching materials, this bundle will help you improve your students’ grammar.

This grammar bundle includes parts of speech, punctuation, sentence structure, clauses, and MORE!

**CHECK through all of the resources. Many have been added for digital and distance learning!**

This resource includes:

Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech: All About Nouns

Parts of Speech: All About Pronouns

Parts of Speech: All About Verbs

Parts of Speech: All About Adjectives

Parts of Speech: All About Adverbs

Parts of Speech: All About Conjunctions

Parts of Speech: All About Prepositions

Parts of Speech: All About Interjections

Added 5/30Verbals Unit: Participles, Gerunds, & Infinitives PowerPoint, Teaching Materials


Punctuation Introduction Pack

All About Punctuation: End Marks

All About Punctuation: The Comma

All About Punctuation: Colons and Semicolons

All About Punctuation: Apostrophes

All About Punctuation Puzzle Pack

Grammar to Improve Writing

Parallel Structure: PowerPoint, Worksheets, Tests

Independent and Dependent Clauses

Sentence Structure: Simple, Compound, Complex, and Compound-Complex Sentences

Seasonal and Holiday Grammar

Presidents’ Day Grammar Worksheets

Valentine’s Day Grammar Worksheets

St. Patrick’s Day Grammar Worksheets

Winter Themed Grammar Worksheets

Spring Themed Grammar Worksheets

Summer Themed Grammar Worksheets

Halloween Grammar Worksheets

Fall Themed Grammar Worksheets

Thanksgiving Themed Grammar Worksheets

Grammar Mini Flip Books

Sentence Structure Mini Flip Book

Parts of Speech Mini Flip Book

Original price was: $251.91.Current price is: $149.00.