Long Way Down Sketchnotes and Mind Map Activity


Long Way Down Mind Map Activity: Engage your students in this mind map activity as you read Jason Reynold’s verse novel Long Way Down.

Complete with teacher and student directions, this mind map activity is the perfect classroom activity for your students to complete as you read Long Way Down. Once students read the elevator in the novel, they are ready to begin the mind map. Each day as students read a new floor level, they will add key elements from the reading to create the mind map.

This Long Way Down Mind Map Activity includes:

  • teacher directions
  • student directions
  • an organizer to plan the mind map
  • 2 traditional grading rubrics
  • a template for sticky note grading rubrics

At the end of the novel, I have students review their mind maps before moving on to the Long Way Down final test and Long Way Down final essay. This resource is included in my Long Way Down Novel Study.

This file comes as a secured PDF.