Latin Root Words: 10-week Latin root word vocabulary unit

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Latin Root Words (roots, prefixes, and suffixes)! Engage your students in a Latin Root Words vocabulary unit that contains 10 weeks of root word instruction, daily activities, and assessments.

This Latin Root Words teaching unit contains 100 Latin root vocabulary words and 10 weeks of vocabulary instruction! With this Latin Root Words teaching unit, your students will improve their vocabulary skills because of the daily structure and routine that this root word unit offers.

Each week, you’ll introduce your students to a new Latin root word. Each day, you’ll have your students focus on a different Latin root word activity that will help them authentically improve their root word vocabulary.

This Latin Root Words vocabulary unit includes 10 vocabulary words a week.

  • Week 1: bene-, bon-
  • Week 2: dict-
  • Week 3: fac-, fect-
  • Week 4: form-
  • Week 5: ject-
  • Week 6: mal-
  • Week 7: rupt-
  • Week 8: scrib-, script-
  • Week 9: spect-
  • Week 10: voc-

This 10-week unit contains these resources:

  • 10 24-slide, editable PowerPoint presentations with the words and definitions
  • 10 secured PDFs with 10 weeks of daily vocabulary practice, 10 end-of-week quizzes, and vocabulary activities.

This Latin Root Words vocabulary unit follows a specific vocabulary routine to allow for a little bit of vocabulary instruction and work each day. This unit is intended to last a week; however, it can be stretched out to two weeks if needed.

Since there are daily activities, this Latin Root Words vocabulary routine can be implemented as classwork, bell-ringers, homework, or as an exit ticket.

This digital Latin Root Words vocabulary unit follows this weekly schedule:

  • Monday: Students take the pre-test and review the words and definitions 
  • Tuesday: Students made visual connections by drawing images that represent each word
  • Wednesday: Students complete a word web activity to make vocabulary associations
  • Thursday: Students write a reflection about the words
  • Friday: Students take the end-of-the-week quiz

**This unit also comes in a digital format**

Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $22.50.